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Park Avenue Endocrinology & Nutrition PLLC offers an in-house Weight Management program geared to help our clients shed unwanted weight. After sitting down with many patients, Dr. Jackness understands the desires for many to lose the weight. Many find themselves halting the opportunity for weight loss success by simply not knowing where to start. Our comprehensive medically supervised weight loss program has over 35 years of clinical expertise backed by scientific research and patient success stories. The program involves a unique “5 pillars of weight loss approach.”

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Pillar 1 – Realization (Initial Visit)

This comes in two forms. Clients seeking help due to an awareness of their obesity or the physician/healthcare practitioner becomes aware of their obesity. Awareness is key! Clients are referred to our program by physicians or health care practitioners where we customize a weight loss plan that works best for them.

Required Diagnostic Testing Includes:

Pillar 2 – Motivation

  • Patient-Specific Meal Plan
  • Clinically proven meal replacements
  • Food Log
  • “The Thinderella Syndrome” book by Dennis Gage MD
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Pillar 3 – Medication Or Nutraceutical Supplements

  • Appropriate appetite suppressant therapy

Pillar 4 – Regimentation

  • Food and exercise analysis
  • Initiation of behavioral technique assignments found in your educational material

Weight Loss Topics

  • Slowing down technique
  • Place of eating technique
  • Physical activity in everyday lifestyle
  • Shopping and storing
  • Visual cues: modular food (liquid bars/shakes)
  • banking, plate, and utensil size
  • Restaurant eating
  • Cardinal rules of nutrition
  • Cognitive techniques
  • Alternate activities
  • Assertive techniques for sabotage
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Pillar 5 – Reorientation (Week #2)

Meet with our RD/CDE to monitor your progress and review behavioral techniques.

A repeat of the following testing is necessary to ensure quality weight loss is achieved:

  • EKG (dependent on medications)
  • Body Composition
  • Biophotonic Reading
  • CV Profiler
  • Spirometry

Weight Loss Stories

Lost 70 pounds in 14 months!

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“I started losing weight because of my granddaughter. My weight was 230 pounds five years ago. When I visited my granddaughter, she said “papa, you are fat, my daddy works out”.

Lost 38 pounds!

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“When I met Dr. Gage and his Nutritionist, my A1C was 8.5 and I weighed 188 pounds. As I lost weight, my A1C went down to 4.8. I now weigh 150 pounds. I can honestly say with their help, they changed my life.”

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