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Weight Management

Permanens Weight Loss | NYCWhat is Weight Management?

The Permanens™ Lifestyle Change Program (PLC) and Permanens™ Weight Management System (WMS) were created by Dr. Gage to induce PERMANENT weight maintenance. The PLC Program provides twelve weeks of educational instruction (using behavior modification techniques with the option of meal replacement food and/or medications). Our licensed nurse practitioner and our board-certified endocrinologists provide ongoing weekly 1-hour group or individual meetings conducted in-person or online.

We offer a full range of diagnostic testing at our office including:

Body Composition Testing

At Park Avenue Endocrinology & Nutrition, we highly recommend the Body Composition Analysis. This test only takes 2 minutes to complete and can provide you with valuable insight based on medically relevant results. The Body Composition Analyzer allows us to better understand a patient’s fat distribution as well as their total cardiovascular risk factors.

Weight Loss Stories

Permanens Weight Loss | NYC

This patient lost 70 pounds in 14 months!

“I started losing weight because of my granddaughter. My weight was 230 pounds five years ago. When I visited my granddaughter, she saidpapa, you are fat, my daddy works out”.

I met Dr. Gage and his Nutritionist five years ago. My A1C was 8.5 or higher. Presently I now weigh 160 pounds and my A1C is 4.8. I can honestly say with their help, they changed my life.”

Before and After Weight Loss NYC

This patient lost 25 pounds in 6 months!

Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Programs | Weight Management | NYCThe PLC Program uses the behavioral and defensive eating techniques discussed in Dr. Gage’s book, The Thinderella Syndrome. The WMS is the key component in aiding and achieving PERMANENT, SUCCESSFUL weight loss with our PLC Program. It is an innovative, computer-driven, secure, internet-enabled weight tracking device. This educational tool allows communication between the health care provider and client.

Weight Loss Programs | Weight Management | NYCWe offer a “turn-key” program that is user-friendly and practitioner-friendly and can easily be integrated into a busy medical practice.

Weight Loss Solution

The Permanens™ Lifestyle Change Program seeks to change this “yo-yo” syndrome by initiating a novel approach to the dieters’ lifestyle. The PLC Program will show you how to avoid falling into this precarious situation and will eventually define what permanent weight maintenance is all about.  This includes the “Three R’s of Behavior Modification” plus the “Permanens™ Weight Monitoring System” for permanent weight maintenance. In weekly group meetings, clients learn defensive eating techniques. Meanwhile the Red Alert System helps to achieve and maintain weight loss goals.

The Problem with Other Diets

Striving for permanent weight maintenance has always been the elusive factor in the dieting arena. Numerous studies demonstrate the ability of patients to lose weight using various combinations of restrictive eating with exercise. The vast majority of patients regain their weight within two years. Patients lack an inventory of “defensive eating style” techniques. They fail to sound a “Red Alert” when they are at only five percent regain in body weight. They continue to “yo-yo” upward toward their original weight.

Weight Loss TopicsWeight Loss Programs | Weight Management | NYC

  • Slowing down technique
  • Place of eating technique
  • Physical activity in everyday lifestyle
  • Shopping and storing
  • Visual cues: modular food (liquid bars/shakes)
  • banking, plate, and utensil size
  • Restaurant eating
  • Cardinal rules of nutrition
  • Cognitive techniques
  • Alternate activities
  • Assertive techniques for sabotage

Realization Phase

This comes in two forms. Clients seeking help due to an awareness of their obesity or the physician/health care practitioner becomes aware of their obesity. Awareness is key! Clients are referred to our program by physicians or health care practitioners where we customize a weight loss plan that works best for them.

Regimentation Phase

In this phase, clients learn the lifestyle patterns that help them to lose and maintain their weight. Cognitive and behavioral techniques are discussed during the group sessions and in The Thinderlla Syndrome book. Most clients start with Modular Food (Bars and / or Shakes) to get a “jumpstart” on their weight loss. These are available in a variety of flavors and are interchangeable.

Reorientation Phase

Clients will be asked to list and review all techniques used for weight loss. This is to determine if they are truly patterning and positively supporting these new behaviors. A Red Alert Number will be assigned to clients to prevent “yo-yoing”. It is this number that tells you that you are in trouble and must intensify your effort with weight control. Our Weight Monitoring System for weight maintenance will be introduced.

What Makes our Weight Loss Program Different?

Our Unique Permanens™ Weight Monitoring System is the key component aiding in achieving permanent, successful weight loss with our PLC program.

  • Educational tool that assists clients in achieving successful, permanent weight maintenance
  • Innovative, computer-drive, secure, internet-enabled weight tracking device
  • Allows communication between health care provider and client
  • The Gage algorithms provide the ability to determine what is happening to a clients’ weight before it would normally be noticed, providing the ability to initiate a preventative action. This helps to identify clients who regain lost weight at an early time.

Weight Loss Benefits

  • empowers clients to become more actively involved in their personal health management
  • improves client adherence
  • receive feedback and encouragement message provided by constant remote professional monitoring
  • access personalized healthy eating and exercise plans
  • provides motivation for lifestyle modifications
  • user friendly

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