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Our dietician, Jordana Turkel was featured in a NY post article titled “The Dangerous diets young women are doing to get skinny for Spring Break.” Read the full article.

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“Some people call it “the sugar,” or “sugar diabetes,” but the correct term for the group of metabolic disorders that cause your blood glucose (sugar) level to be too high is diabetes mellitus, or diabetes for short.” Read the full article: All About Diabetes: Types, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment 

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“If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, one of the metabolic disorders characterized by blood sugar (glucose) that’s too high, you may be wondering if you have a chance of being cured.” Read the full article: Is There a Cure for Diabetes? A Look at the Remission Potential for Type 1, Type 2, and Gestational Diabetes

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“If you have type 2 diabetes and can’t lower your blood sugar with metformin or other single-dose diabetes medicines, you may benefit from adding an SGLT2 inhibitor to your initial therapy. ” Says Dr. Shirya Eytan MD. Read the full article: Oral SGLT2 inhibitors, Diabetes, and you

“Most of my weight loss recipes involve using Mediterranean type diet which includes fish chicken nuts and fresh fruit. The key is not to use any refined flour or sugar.” Says Dr. Dennis Gage MD.

“They don’t use nonsense diets with just vitamins, injections, or dangerous things that could get a person into trouble,” he said. “It does work when you follow it.”
Dennis Gage, MD, FACP

Read the full article: The pros and cons of Weight Watchers, according to medical professionals

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“It is literally when a person with diabetes stops caring for themselves due to the stress or the demands of the disease,” says Jordana Turkel, CDE
Read the full article: What is Diabetes Burnout?

“Women naturally have a higher percentage of body fat and lower muscle mass than men do,” explains Gillian Mueller Goddard, M.D. Read the full article: Why it takes longer for women to lose weight after 40 (even Charlize Theron)

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MD for Moms radio show interviewed Dr. Goddard about the impact of thyroid disorders in pregnancy and postpartum as well as gestational diabetes.

Click here to Listen to the Podcast!

“My patients often report eating low-carbohydrate, high-protein diets full of healthful foods like quinoa, green leafy vegetables and berries, but they are eating too much of these foods,” says Gillian Goddard, MD. Read the full article: 15 Things You Don’t Realize Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

“Warning signs that you are in danger because the blood sugar is dropping or is too low include feeling shaky,” says Gillian Goddard, MD. “Severe low blood sugar can result in seizures and coma,” Dr. Eytan warns. Read the full article: 6 Early Signs of a Diabetic Coma — and How to Prevent It

“Type 2 diabetes can be caused by genetic inheritance, but by far the obesity epidemic has created massive increases in the occurrence of Type 2 diabetes. This is due to the major insulin resistance that is created by obesity,” Dr. Gage says. Read the full article: What Are the Causes of Diabetes?

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Dr. Gage tells SELF that “people who gain about 25 pounds will typically lose about 15 pounds initially. However, he says, it can take some time to lose the rest.” Read the full article: Pink Hasn’t Lost Any Baby Weight Yet, Is a Totally Normal Human Being

“Vegan diets are restrictive and can be difficult to follow for people who grew up eating animal products regularly,” points out board-certified endocrinologist Shira Eytan, MD. Read the full article: 11 Things That Can Happen When You Go Vegan for a Month

“Heart failure doesn’t mean that the crucial organ has ceased functioning, but that it isn’t working as well as it should. Dr. Gillian Goddard, an Endocrinologist at Park Avenue Endocrinology & Nutrition PLLC, says” Read the full article: What Is Heart Disease? Cardiovascular Health Problems Explained


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