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Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) | Manhattan

What is RMR?

RMR stands for Resting Metabolic Rate. The RMR test is a non-invasive test that measures how many calories a patient burns while at rest. The machine we use during this test not only captures but also analyzes the consumption of the patients’ breath. This helps to determine the patients’ oxygen consumption as well as measuring the rate at which they consume energy.

RMR Preparation

Prior to the test, the patient should refrain from eating as well as exercising. Also, patients should avoid stimulants such as caffeine.

RMR Procedure

Once the test begins, you will be asked to blow into the tube and breathe normally. The test will last around 10 minutes.

Benefits of RMR

Some of the benefits of having a Resting Metabolic Rate test include:

  • Identifying  whether you have a slow or fast metabolism
  • Determining if you are a fat burner or sugar burner at rest
  • Establishing the minimum number of calories you can eat without the risk of slowing down your metabolism
  • Identifying the number of calories you burn on a rest day as well as an exercise day

What is the REEVUE Machine?

REEVUE Machine | Manhattan

The REEVUE machine measures the oxygen consumed and carbon dioxide produced by the body. This number, in turn, is used to calculate the number of calories that an individual burns at rest in a 24-hour period. This technique is called Indirect Calorimetry. The REEVUE can be used for any patient where a measurement of metabolic rate or oxygen uptake (VO2) will be useful, including weight management and nutritional assessment services. Breathing into this portable machine for ten minutes provides a quick and accurate result for RMR.

(Length of Time: 10 minutes)

Patient Testimonial

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– May R.

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