Diagnostic Tests

Resting Metabolic Rate

A patients’ resting metabolic rate measures how many calories their body burns while at rest. Also known as RMR for short, can be a valuable metric in diagnosing conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, overactive thyroid, mitochondrial disorders, and COPD. Using a simple mask, patients will undergo testing to determine if their metabolism is fast or slow.

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Sudomotor Scan

sudomotor scan can help diagnose the onset of peripheral neuropathy. Identifying the onset of this disease can prevent the disease from affecting major nerves in the body. First, our team will place small electrodes on the body. These electrodes will emit a small voltage. The voltage causes a reaction, this bodily reaction provided us with the measurements we need to identify neuropathy. The sudomotor scan is a quick and painless test performed in our office.


Spirometry is a common Pulmonary Function Test, PFT, that is used to measure lung function. At Park Avenue Endocrinology & Nutrition we use the SBG Multi-function Spirometer, a highly versatile hand-held spirometer that provides simple spirometry, flow volume loops, maximum voluntary ventilation, and bronchial challenge. Patients will need to inhale and exhale into a tube several times. The entire test takes about 3 minutes and patients will receive immediate results.

The CV Profiler

The CV profiler is a simple, painless, non-invasive, 5-minute procedure that measures blood vessel elasticity to detect early vascular disease. Results are graded by the severity of elasticity deterioration and can provide a risk assessment in patients with diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia.

Nerve Conduction Testing

Nerve conduction tests are primarily used to evaluate paresthesias, such as numbness, tingling, burning, and/or weakness of the arms and legs. Also known as NCS, this testing can diagnose or rule out a variety of disorders. Patients can undergo testing in about 10 minutes and have no residual side effects. Then, our team will review your results.

ANS Monitoring

ANS monitoring stands for non-invasive autonomic nervous system monitoring. This diagnostic test is a fast, pain-free, and simple measure of health. In under 20 minutes, our team can determine how their nervous system is controlling their heart, lungs, and other body parts. Patients that have diabetes, hypertension, anxiety, or are pregnant often undergo monitoring.

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Digital Funduscopy

Digital Funduscopy is an examination of the fundus, the back part of the eye’s interior, including the retina. This diagnostic test is crucial in determining retinal, optic disc, and vitreous humor health. Our team often includes a funduscopy in their general physical exams to diagnose the potential for diabetic retinopathy early on.

Thyroid Ultrasound

thyroid ultrasound is the most accurate and useful imaging test to detect nodules or lumps within the thyroid gland. For patients with a thyroid condition, an ultrasound can provide insight into any changes within the thyroid gland or if there are benign and malignant nodules in the neck.

Laboratory Services

At Park Avenue Endocrinology & Nutrition we offer laboratory services in a CLIA certified laboratory. We offer our patients a wide range of services including, but not limited to, chemistry analysis of blood and urine, complete endocrine analysis, hematology analysis for blood cell disorders, and vitamin D and parathyroid analysis.

Body Composition

Body composition is the percentage of fat, protein, minerals, and body water within the human body. At Park Avenue Endocrinology & Nutrition, we choose to use the body composition tool rather than BMI as it is more accurate to each patient’s individual body type. The test takes just a few minutes and can provide our team with a host of measurements for each patient.

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TM Flow

TM flow is an innovative platform that provides our staff with valuable information regarding the autonomic nervous system. In addition, TM flow can identify the potential degradation of the nervous system function. TM flow is a safe, comfortable, and convenient test that comes with no risk to the patient.

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