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We Will Help You Lose the Weight Permanently

Weight Management NYC | ManhattanAnyone can go on the latest crazy diet and lose weight. Today’s fad diet may have you eat nothing but tree bark for a week. Tomorrow’s may have you eat more lettuce than a mutant bunny. You’ll lose the weight as long as you follow the usually punitive restraints of the diet.

But then you’ll gain it back. Research shows that 95 percent of the people who lose weight on a diet regain it — and sometimes add more — within two years.

That’s bogus. You want permanent weight loss, and that’s why Dr. Gage created the Permanens™ Lifestyle Change Program (PLC) and Permanens™ Weight Management System (WMS) — to induce permanent weight loss. At Park Avenue Endocrinology & Nutrition our PLC Program provides 16 weeks of educational instruction using behavior modification techniques and meal replacement food. Our licensed nurse practitioner and our board-certified endocrinologists provide ongoing weekly one-hour group or individual meetings to help you stay on track.

Weight loss solution

The PCL will show you how to avoid falling into certain self-defeating behaviors. The program seeks to change the yo-yo reality of dieting and weight gain. To do this we’ll show you the “Three R’s of Behavior Modification.” You’ll learn defensive eating techniques and other methods to attain and maintain your weight loss goals.

Our weight loss topics

At Park Avenue our PLC and WMS programs are proven systems that allow you to lose weight and maintain your lower, healthier weight. Here are the topics we deal with:

  • Slowing down technique
  • Place of eating technique
  • Physical activity in everyday lifestyle
  • Shopping and storing
  • Visual cues: modular food (liquid bars/shakes)
  • Banking, plate, and utensil size
  • Restaurant eating
  • Cardinal rules of nutrition
  • Cognitive techniques
  • Alternative activities
  • Assertive techniques for sabotage

What makes our program different?

Our Permanens™ Weight Monitoring System is unique and is the key component leading to permanent, successful weight loss with our PLC program. Here are some of the things that make it different from other programs:

  • Educational tool that assists clients in achieving successful, permanent weight maintenance
  • Innovative, computer driven, secure, Internet-enabled, weight tracking device
  • Allows communication between healthcare provider and client
  • The Gage algorithms provide the ability to determine what is happening to a clients’ weight before it would normally be noticed, providing the ability to initiate a preventive action.

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