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Get a Complete Assessment of Your Diabetes, Weight or Thyroid Health in 10-15 minutes!

Immediate Results Mean Improvement Starts Today

What if you could get a complete assessment of your diabetes, weight or thyroid health in just ten or 15 minutes and get results virtually instantaneously?

At Park Avenue Endocrinology and Nutrition you can do just that.  We offer nearly a dozen point-of-care tests that assist your endocrinologist in optimizing your medical plan on the spot.

Patients with diabetes not only have their blood sugar checked during each visit, Hemoglobin A1c (3-month average blood sugar) results are available in just six minutes. This gives our doctors crucial information about your diabetic control during your visit.  Additionally, ANSAR and Sudoscan testing help determine your ability to sense dangerous, low blood sugars, and can hint at neuropathy long before irreversible complications of diabetes are present.  Your medication regimen can be optimized in real time, helping you to reach your blood sugar targets sooner.

Diabetic patients know they should get their eyes checked annually.  But retinopathy can develop between visits to the ophthalmologist.  Digital retinal scanning performed in our office can identify diabetic changes in the eyes between annual ophthalmology visits and you can be treated sooner, protecting your vision.

Metabolic rate testing and body composition testing tell your doctor so much more than a simple scale can.  In just ten minutes, your doctor can tell you how many calories your body uses in a day, and whether this is fast or slow compared to others like you.  You will know your body fat percentage and can track your progress not just in pounds lost, but in lean muscle gained and fat lost.  Whether you have diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome or need to lose weight for these reasons, you can leave your visit with a diet and weight loss plan tailored just for you.

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