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Sudomotor Scans

Sudomotor ScanNeuropathy is defined as disease or dysfunction of one or more peripheral nerves, typically causing numbness or weakness.

At Park Avenue Endocrinology we have many patients with chronic autoimmune and endocrine conditions, and 70 to 80 percent of those patients develop neuropathy. It’s our goal to diagnose the onset of peripheral neuropathy before it can affect the major nerves, and impinge on the patient’s quality of life.

One of our detection tools is the sudomotor scan.

What is sudomotor function and why test it?

The testing sudomotor function is a fast, accurate method for detecting early stages of small fiber neuropathy. The eccrine glands that are responsible for sweat response are rich in blood vessels and nerve fibers. These fibers are thin and long and can show impairment in the early stages of various metabolic diseases. Sweat response is thought to be the most sensitive test for detecting small fiber neuropathy, and this is what our sudomotor scans test for.

How do sudomotor scans work?

Sudomotor scans at Park Avenue Endocrinology check for galvanic skin response, which is the change in the electrical properties of the skin in response to different kinds of stimuli. Changes in voltage measured from the surface of the skin are recorded. This change occurs when the sweat glands are activated, also known as sudomotor function.

We take sudomotor scan measurements on the hands and feet. High conductances correlate with normal sweat function and healthy nerve activity. Low conductances correlate with neuropathy.

What can we use sudomotor scans for?

At Park Avenue Endocrinology, we use the immediate information from our sudomotor scans for a series of areas:

  • Proactive monitoring— With the continuing trends towards prevention and early detection, sudomotor scans are important. The long, thin nerves in the sweat glands provide early warning indicators of developing disease.
  • Assessing treatment for diabetics— These scans are important to determine whether a patient has autonomic neuropathy before prescribing various forms of glycemic treatment.
  • Drug or lifestyle compliance— Worsening sudomotor function may signal poor patient response to treatment or a lack of compliance with drug or lifestyle modifications.


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