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Posts From February, 2017

Weight Management NYC | Manhattan

We Will Help You Lose the Weight Permanently

Anyone can go on the latest crazy diet and lose weight. Today’s fad diet may have you eat nothing but tree bark for a week. Tomorrow’s may have you eat more lettuce than a mutant bunny. You’ll lose the weight as long as you follow the usually punitive restraints of the diet. But then you’ll […]

We Have A Lot of Nerve Doing a Nerve Conduction Study

At Park Avenue Endocrinology & Nutrition we’re not fond of numbness, or for that matter tingling or burning. Those are all signs that your nerves may be damaged. That damage can lead to weakness in the associated limbs and permanent loss of function, so you want to catch these trends early before they do too […]

Losing Weight After Pregnancy

  There are many issues to navigate in the first weeks and months after your baby is born such as: healing from delivery, bonding with your baby, establishing feeding routines  (breastfeeding or formula feeding), managing visits from family and friends, and, for many women, securing childcare and returning to work. It is not surprising that […]