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Bone Disease

Bone Disease NYC

What Is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is thinning of the bones, which usually occurs in women and men as they age. At Park Avenue Endocrinology and Nutrition, we have a vast experience in all treatments of osteoporosis, managing calcium and vitamin D metabolism, as well as the ability to prescribe medications that can help reverse or slow the progression of bone loss.

We also treat parathyroid disease, which is the gland that controls calcium and bone homeostasis in the body.

Symptoms of Osteoporosis

Most often, people do not realize that they have osteoporosis until they actually break one of their bones. While there tends to be little to no symptoms early on, some may appear as the condition further develops:

  • Bent posture
  • Height loss
  • Back pain due to collapsed vertebra
  • Weak bones that easily fracture

Symptoms like these can all lead to serious injuries such as a broken hip after a fall or a spinal compression fracture that can occur just from bending over.

Osteoporosis Risk Factors

Although bone disease commonly affects those over age 60, other risk factors may also play a role in osteoporosis development:

  • Overactive thyroid
  • Family history
  • Steroid use over a long period
  • Anorexia and other eating disorders
  • Low intake of calcium
  • Thin stature
  • Smoking

Bone Disease Testing

We offer a full range of diagnostic testing at our office including:

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